Hand-crafted Process of Designing My Glass

Below is the step-by-step process that I use to make torch-fired Murano glass beads. The photos take you from the beginning process of selecting the correct glass rods, to the end result....an individual glass bead. 

The effort it takes to hand-craft my sterling silver pieces takes just as much work. Please click sterling silver creation to see the steps taken in the fabrication of my sterling pieces.

3/32" metal rod is dipped into a mud-like substance. Once the mud coating dries, the rod will be primed and ready to be placed into a flame, where melted glass will be applied.

Many colors of Murano glass rods. These rods are the starting point of all glass beads. Most people have heard of Murano glass and yes the glass comes from Italy, just a little ways from Venice. 

In order to add a variety of colors to my beads, I first choose the colored rods, then crush the rods into little glass pieces. The pieces will be mixed and melted into hot glass once the bead-making process(otherwise known as lampwork or flamework) begins.

Various sized torches can be used in lampworking. I use both a large and small torch in my glass creation. 'Soft glass' melts between 1,400-1,700 degrees.............................