Metallic Glass Designs

Metallic Round Pendant

The following glass designs are what I call my metallic pieces. All of the torch-fired glass on this website is hand-crafted by me and almost all of it is imported from Murano, Italy in its raw form.

The following pieces are made from a special glass that is predominately created in the raw form here in the U.S. The difference between this glass and the Murano glass is the presence of crystals.

As explained earlier in this site, most lampwork, or soft-glass melts between the temperatures of 1,400-1,700 F degrees. Oxygen and propane are used to create the flame in the torch that melts the glass.

The special thing about metallic glass is that once it is melted and shaped in the torch, the propane to oxygen ratio can be adjusted to cause the crystals present to grow and change colors in the glass. If done correctly, one can get a beautiful metallic coating (as seen on the pics below) or even nice spots of green, pink, yellow and other colors (as seen in the pic to the left).

As with my other pieces, most of these deisgns can be recreated to look similar in color and form to the designs you see here (although each piece is handmade, thus any recreations will not be identical). If you see something that peaks your interest, please contact me and I will gladly get right back to you.

River Green Metallic Puzzle Pendant
Glacial Rose Drop Twist Necklace
Glacial Rose Bent Loop Necklace
Glacial Rose Bent Loop Bracelet
Glacial Rose Cage Pendant
Glacial Rose Puzzle Pendant
Glacial Rose Loop Pendant
Glacial Rose Drop Twist Earrings
Midnite Metallic Drop Twist Necklace
Midnite Metallic Bent Loop Necklace
Midnite Metallic Bent Loop Bracelet
Midnite Metallic Cage Pendant
Midnite Metallic Puzzle Pendant
Midnite Metallic Loop Pendant
Midnite Metallic & Glacial Rose Bent Loop Earrings
Exotic River Green Puzzle Pendant
Exotic Round Pendant
Exotic Round Pendant II