Multi-Color Bent Loop Bracelet

The following designs encompass several years of experimenting with glass colors and shapes in order to showcase a variety of bracelets. As in all of my other torch-fired pieces, each bracelet is created by melting sticks of Murano glass then shaping free-form with an oxygen/propane torch (please click the handcrafted process tab to learn more).

Each bracelet is finished with my 100% handcrafted, U.S. patented sterling clasp bearing my initials, 'kms'.

As with the other designs found throughout this site, some pieces may not have a shopping cart attached for an instant purchase. If you find something you like, please contact me and I will gladly give you the specifics for designing the piece specifically for you. You may also find more bracelets pictured in the Necklaces and Metallic sections of this site.

Jumbo Red Bracelet
Red & Ocean Jumbo Bracelet
Ocean & Brown Jumbo Bracelet
Brown & Avocado Jumbo Bracelet
Topaz Jumbo Bracelet
Purple Mix Jumbo Bracelet
Black Jumbo Bracelet
Orange & Turquoise Jumbo Bracelet
Orange & Ocean Stairstep Bracelet

Several more bracelets can be seen in the necklaces and metallic sections of this site.

Brown & Avocado Stairstep Bracelet
Multi-Color Bent Loop Bracelet