Multi-Color Drop Twist Necklace

Welcome to my necklace section. The following pieces are all torch-fired and hand-crafted from Murano glass. Some of my best sellers have come from this page. It takes several steps in order to hand-craft Murano glass and if you visit the handcrafted process tab, you will be able to view the steps used in the creation of my designs.

Like all of the other designs present in this site, each piece features my hand-crafted, U.S. patented sterling sillver clasp. 

If you would like to purchase an item similar to what you see on this page, please contact me for the specifics. I will have several items available for purchase with a shopping cart, but for those items without a shopping cart, chances are that I will still be able to recreate it if you are interested.

Multi-Color Bent Loop Necklace
Multi-Color Drop Twist Necklace
Multi-Color Jumbo Necklace
Multi-Color Magnum Necklace
Aqua Frost Bent Loop Necklace
Jumbo Frost Necklace
Black Jumbo Necklace
Red Magnum Necklace
Red Jumbo Necklace
Topaz Magnum Necklace
Topaz Stairstep Necklace
Topaz Bent Loop Necklace
Red Stairstep Necklace
Red Bent Loop Necklace
Red Drop Twist Necklace
Red Stairstep & Drop Necklace
Red & Turquoise Stairstep Necklace
Red & Turquoise Bent Loop Necklace
Ocean & Red Stairstep Necklace
Black Stairstep Necklace
Black Bent Loop Necklace
Brown & Ocean Stairstep Necklace
Brown & Avocado Bent Loop Necklace
Ink Blue Bent Loop Necklace
Orange & Turquoise Stairstep Necklace
Orange & Turquoise Bent Loop Necklace
Orange Bent Loop Necklace
Orange Drop Twist Necklace